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               Monthly Fee Schedule 

                                 2018-2019 School Year 


                                No. of  Days                         AM                                            PM                             AM&PM                                                                  Per week                                                                      

                                        1                                   73.00                                      102.00                         175.00

                                        2                                  118.00                                     174.00                         292.00

                                        3                                  150.00                                     213.00                         363.00

                                        4                                  175.00                                     255.00                         430.00

                                        5                                  194.00                                     283.00                         477.00



* No refund can be given for absences. The fee remains the same, even if the child is out sick, on a scheduled day. Special arrangements can be made for extended illness. The monthly tuition fee structure has been averaged out over the 10 months period allowing for a shorter month of June, possible April Vacation closure and Holidays. No refunds will be given for these days.




Initial Program Enrollment:  A non-refundable registration fee of $53.00 will be required to hold a position open for your child. Families with more than one child will pay an initial registration fee of $43.00 for each additional child.

Annual Re-registration:  An annual re-registration fee of $ 43.00 is required to hold a position open for your child. Families with more than one child will pay a re-registration fee of $ 30.00 for each additional child.




Registration fees are not refundable unless space is not available.  The registration fee runs from September through August, each year.





Drop-ins are welcome, as space permits, at the 1-day tuition rate, of $20.00 (per child/no discounts) per morning session or $ 25.00 (per child/no discounts) per afternoon session, payable when dropped off or picked up. Please note, these rates do not apply during the summer vacation months, professional days, planned delayed openings, early dismissal days, or school vacations.  The drop-in fee for professional days and vacation days is $52.00.  The drop-in rate for early dismissals is $34.00.   When using BASREP for the first time a basic, non-refundable registration fee of $37 per child will apply. Please allow sufficient time, when dropping off your child for the first time, to complete the necessary registration forms. It is required, to register your child, before hand, if you plan to drop him/her off at a future date.  Please call the office, at 349-1819, and you may request a form, from the Directors.  Cancellation Fee:  If you have contracted for your child to attend BASREP, as a drop-in, on a specific day, and he/she is absent (for any reason), a $7.00 cancellation fee will be applied to your account. Emergency Drop-in Fee:   If your child arrives at BASREP, by mistake, on a day that he/she is not scheduled to attend, and is picked up within 20 minutes of arriving, a $10.00 charge (per child/no discounts) will be applied to your account, no exceptions.  If your child stays longer than 20 minutes, the regular drop-in rate will apply.






  • In order to meet our initial operating expenses, two months of tuition will be dueat the time of enrollment. These will cover the first month, as well as, the last month of June.


  • All tuitions will be due on the FIRST OF EACH MONTH (i.e. October tuition on Oct. 1, etc.).


  • There will be a $ 35.00 late fee, for any payment not made within 10 days of the due date.  Late fees will be charged, automatically, to all past due accounts, on the 11th day of the month.


  • Any family whose account is 30 days overdue will be sent a warning letter, stating that this family will be withdrawn from the program, if their account is not paid up, within the following two weeks.


  • If, after this two-week period, the account is not paid in full, the family will be immediately terminated, from the program.


  •  If special, problems exist, the Board will consider payment arrangements, provided these are discussed in writing, with the Board. 


  • A $ 35.00 fee will be charged, for any checks not honored by the bank. 


  • Late pick up fees will be added when appropriate.


  • Fees for excessive failure, to report absences will be added when appropriate.




Please make checks (no cash please) payable to BASREP and leave with the Directors, or via the tuition envelope provided at the sign-in/out cart, or mail to

P.O.Box 131, Durham, CT
, O6422-0131.






BASREP also accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express credit cards.  You may opt to have your monthly tuition automatically charged to your account, by filling out the "Credit Card Payment" form in the registration packet.  If you choose this option, BASREP will process the charge, on or near the first of each month.  You will receive a receipt after the transaction is complete.  If you prefer not to have your credit card automatically charged each month, you may choose to bring your card in, to be swiped, instead.









On Professional Days, Vacation Days, and Early Dismissal days, a surcharge will apply, as we must maintain staff, for the extra hours. 














The fee for late pick up is $1.00 per minute after 6:00 P.M. as shown on the BASREP clock. This fee is per child.







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