On Snow Days, BASREP will follow the School District 13 schedule.


¨       If school is cancelled for the day, both BASREP sessions will be cancelled.


¨   If the opening of the school is delayed, the morning BASREP session will be cancelled but the afternoon session will operate as usual.


¨   If schools are closed early, BASREP will close at 3:00 pm.  BASREP teachers will arrive by 1:00 pm, to receive the early school buses at the program. Parents will be expected to have their child(ren) picked up, by three o’clock. If this does not occur, alternates will be called.


¨  If on a normal school day some bad weather arises after 3:00 pm, BASREP will normally stay open as usual until 6:00 pm unless the weather is so bad (e.g. ice storm), in which case parents will be called to have their children picked up as soon as possible.


¨  If there is inclement weather, during winter Professional or vacation days, please call B.A.S.R.E.P.’s phone number (349-1819), and you will be informed if we will be delayed or closed.


¨  BASREP closings, due to inclement weather, will be announced on WTIC 1080 AM radio.  In addition, you can access the information at the following websites:  WWW.WTIC.COM, WWW.965TIC.COM, and WWW.WRCH.COM .

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